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Recruiting Brief for 2024-2025 USA Internship:

Time: 12:30~13:00, Sept. 27th(Wed.), 2023

Venue: Big Conference Room on the 7th Floor, the College of Management (管理學院7樓大會議室)

Time to Apply:

Oct. 1st(Sun.)~13:00, Oct. 23th(Mon.), 2023

For more details about job positions, compensation, and applications, please click the menu on the upper right of the screen. ↗↗↗

This is a One-Year (2024.8.1~2025.7.31) internship program mainly for MBA students and other graduate students of the College of Management at CGU. 

Students who are welcome to apply now:  
2nd Year Graduate Students in the College of Management(管院各碩士班)
2nd Year Graduate Students of Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering(資工所)

4th Year Students of Dept. of  Information Management(資管系)
4th Year Students of Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering(資工系)


Apply now to make your American dream come true.

​​You can see our Facebook Group for a joyful journey in the USA.

If you have any questions,  please feel free to contact us.

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